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Top GRE Verbal Strategies for ESL Students {Webinar}

Are you struggling with the GRE because English isn’t your first language? We’ve got you covered! Join us on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern as the Ross School of Veterinary Medicine hosts a free webinar on the “Top GRE Verbal Strategies for Non-Native English Speakers.” Learn more and reserve your spot here: In […]

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{LIVE Webinar 9.19.19} Your 5-Part Framework for a Successful Grad School Application

The GRE is only part of the admissions puzzle. It’s an important part to be sure, but the other components of your application could be the difference between you getting accepted to your target school(s) and not.  So what are the components of a successful graduate school application and how can you put your best […]

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Get your MBA and Graduate Admissions questions answered! {Free Webinar}

Okay, so you’ve got this whole GRE thing under control (not surprising since you’re taking the best online GRE prep course in the industry!). But what about the rest of your application? As you know, business and graduate school admissions offices take a holistic approach when evaluating your application. In addition to looking at your […]

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How to Read Faster without Sacrificing Comprehension {Free Webinar}

Would you agree that if you could increase your reading speed, it would help you immensely on the GRE? Of course it would.  Reading faster will help you on reading comprehension questions, obviously. It will also help you with your overall time management. Timing issues are one of the top concerns my students have when […]

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Learn the Ideal GRE Study Plan [Free Webinar]

Your GRE Game Plan – Join us January 24th! If you’re like a lot of my students, you have questions about the GRE: Is there a secret sauce for properly studying for the GRE? What does the GRE even test? Where should you focus your time and efforts when preparing for the GRE — especially […]

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7 Keys to a Strong MBA Application in 2017

Wait, what? You mean it’s not too early to already be thinking about your business school applications for 2017? That’s exactly right. With the Round 3 application deadlines for 2016 MBA matriculation fast approaching and with tens of thousands of other qualified applicants applying each year, you’re going to want a head start on those […]

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