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GRE Verbal Course – GRE Text Completion (Only $27!)

dominate gre sentence completion questionsHave you ever had one of those experiences where you were talking to a friend and she was struggling to come up with a word, and you provided it for her? How were you able to do that? Context! By following her train of thought and taking clues from other words she had already used, you were able to figure out the missing word and complete your friend’s thought.

That’s exactly what you’re asked to do on GRE text completion questions. Of course, sometimes you’re asked to supply two or three missing words, and the vocabulary tested on the GRE can be quite challenging as well. But don’t worry! In this GRE video course we teach you not only the 400 most commonly-tested GRE vocabulary words, but also a step-by-step methodology for attacking these important question types as well as strategies you can use to get right answers even if you don’t know what a word means in the sentence or answer choices.


Specifically, the GRE video tutorials in this course cover:

  • The mindset and “anatomy” of GRE Text Completion questions;
  • A step-by-step methodology for attacking these question types in the most effective manner;
  • The 400 most commonly-tested GRE vocabulary words as well as tips for memorizing them and ways to learn nuances that will be crucial on harder questions;
  • Five (5) key strategies for identifying right answers even when you don’t know what some of the words mean;
  • How to avoid “eye catcher” wrong answer choices;
  • The “Bracketing Technique” for simplifying complex sentences and isolating the keywords and road signs necessary for figuring out the missing word(s);
  • Numerous application examples to fully illustrate all of the concepts taught in this course;
  • And more!

Oh, and did we mention that this course includes a practice worksheet that will give you the opportunity to apply what you learn to real sample GRE text completion questions? Each question of the worksheet comes with a detailed video answer explanation showing you the most efficient way to solve it.

So what are you waiting for? Take your GRE preparation to the next level. Combined with our GRE Sentence Equivalence course, you’ll be well equipped to dominate the GRE verbal section!

Cost: Only $27!


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