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The GRE is a beatable test, provided you prepare for it correctly. This comprehensive GRE course will guide you step-by-step through the math, verbal, and essay portions of the exam. A great GRE score requires mastery of all of the foundational concepts tested on the exam, application of the proper strategy for each question, and extensive practice with real-time feedback. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our proven, industry-leading GRE prep course. Take the guesswork out of preparing for the GRE and start boosting your score today!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 30+ hours of comprehensive instructional videos, accessible on-demand, that teach all of the foundational concepts, strategies, and test-taking tactics for every content area and question type tested on the GRE — Quantitative + Verbal + Essay (AWA)
  • 210+ unique practice problems, downloadable as PDF worksheets, enabling you to apply what you’re learning in each of the course modules
  • Detailed video solutions for each of the worksheet questions to help you solidify your understanding of the concepts and strategies you’re learning in the course
  • Thorough review of GRE Math including the most important formulas and how-to’s for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis — no pre-knowledge necessary!
  • Detailed course syllabus walking you step-by-step through the ideal study plan for dominating the GRE
  • Three full-length computer-adaptive GRE practice tests*
  • Vocabulary list of the 400 most commonly-tested words on the GRE (now available in app-based format!)
  • Recommended reading list to help you dominate GRE Reading Comprehension
  • Interactive comments/questions area inside your member portal to get your questions personally answered as you’re going through the course
  • E-mail support as needed

* Note: Your course syllabus also assigns GRE POWERPREP Online Practice Tests 1 & 2 available free from ETS, so you’ll have five (5) total practice exams to help you get ready for test day. Additional tests can be purchased a-la-carte for only $14.95 each.

“I always considered myself to be a ‘poor test taker’ until I found Dominate Test Prep. Not only did Brett’s GRE course help me gain a newfound sense of test-taking confidence, it equipped me with the strategies and skills I needed to dominate the exam. Thanks to Brett’s provided study materials and video walkthroughs, it was as though I had a personal GRE coach walking me through the entire preparation process. And boy was it worth it! I was able to achieve the GRE score I needed to get into my top-choice graduate school.” — Jared Saucedo, Wichita Falls, TX

Your 4-Step Game Plan to Dominate the GRE

The course content is delivered in a structured, thoughtful way based on our years of experience helping thousands of students from around the world get the highest possible scores on the GRE. There is a separate course module for each of the major sections of the exam. In each module you will:


Watch the theory videos that will lay out a step-by-step methodology for each question type, teach you foundational concepts and how-to’s, and show you shortcuts and key test-taking strategies where relevant.


Complete our practice problems for each module to immediately apply what you just learned in the main concept lessons. The practice questions can be completed as an online quiz (recommended) or downloaded in PDF format for offline homework.


Watch our detailed solution videos for every practice question to solidify your understanding of the different concepts and strategies and ensure that you can get similar questions correct on test day.


Do the assigned homework from The Official Guide to the GRE (sold separately) to continue mastering what you’re learning in the course and engrain your pattern recognition. Also take the full-length practice tests to track your improvement, reveal any growth areas, and gauge your readiness for test day.

Prep for the GRE on the Go!

Away from your computer? No problem. You can access your course from any smartphone or tablet via our mobile app. GRE domination is now at your fingertips, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

“I just took the GRE and was seriously blown away by my scores!! I have always struggled with math, and the Quantitative Reasoning sections definitely scared me more than the Verbal Reasoning ones (even though English is not my first language). The first time I took the GRE I prepared on my own and I got a 161 in Verbal and 157 in Quantitative. 157 was okay I guess, but I wanted to do better so I enrolled in your GRE Quantitative Course. This time, I got a 161 in Verbal and 166 in Quantitative!!! I just couldn’t believe it!” — Sara Picci, Italy

For more information regarding our comprehensive GRE online preparation course or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call Brett directly at +1 720-515-5808.