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À La Carte GRE Video Tutorials

A la carte GRE video tutorials to dominate the GRELet’s be honest: There’s a lot of content to master if you truly want to dominate the GRE. And as the old adage goes, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s the purpose of our topic-specific GRE video lessons — to give you the ability to customize your own GRE prep and pick away at the GRE “elephant” on your own terms. So whether you’re not quite ready to dive in to one of our comprehensive GRE prep courses or if you just need a little extra help with a few GRE topics, we’ve got you covered.

All of our à-la-carte GRE video tutorials are incredibly comprehensive in nature — complete with practice worksheets and answer explanations — and teach you all of the relevant content and test-taking strategies while focusing on teaching you how to translate that knowledge into getting more right answers on test day. So add some of the lessons below to your GRE Course Library and prepare to dominate the GRE today!

“I was so pleased with Brett’s a-la-carte video options to nail down a couple outstanding questions in my last few weeks of studying. Time and money well spent!” — Leslie Voorhees, Jakarta, Indonesia

Quantitative GRE Lessons On Demand

“A train leaves Chicago heading west at 85mph. Another train leaves the station 30 minutes later heading east at 90mph….” Did you instantly get a headache reading that? Having bad 10th grade flashbacks? Then this course is for you. It covers the most commonly-tested word problems on the GRE and the most effective strategies for handling each one; worksheet practice; and more!
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Introduction to GRE algebra questions, a review of key non-standard strategies for making GRE algebra questions easier, and a thorough breakdown of the most common algebra concepts you’ll encounter on test day including simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, exponents, roots & radicals, and simplifying algebraic expressions; worksheet practice; and more!
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More than just 1 + 1 = 2, the arithmetic tested on the GRE includes advanced concepts like percent change, ratios, averages and weighted averages, statistics, prime factorization, and more. This video course breaks it all down for you while providing strategies and shortcuts — and an application worksheet — for getting even challenging GRE arithmetic questions right on test day.
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Triangles are the most commonly-tested geometric figure on the GRE. This course will help you boost your GRE geometry abilities by reviewing the most pertinent triangle rules and formulas, thoroughly cover the 4 most common right triangles, demystify the Pythagorean Theorem, cover equilateral and isosceles triangles, and go through numerous sample problems from Problem Solving and QC’s.
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Introduction to GRE problem solving, common question types, and the ideal approach for systematically working GRE math problems; detailed explanation (with examples) of three crucial non-traditional math techniques that will empower you to quickly and easily turn challenging problems into easy ones; worksheet practice; and more!
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Video lesson teaching GRE probability and combinatorics concepts GRE PROBABILITY AND COMBINATORICS
This course takes some of the most challenging math concepts tested on the GRE quant section and makes them easy to understand — with no complex formula memorization! Learn how to get right answers on even the hardest counting (“How many ways…?”) and probability questions — with lots of application examples and strategies. It includes a practice worksheet with video answer explanations.
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Introduction to GRE quantitative comparisons, the mindset for these unique question types, and a step-by-step methodology for attacking them; understanding the answer choices and rules for strategically eliminating wrong answer choices; strategies for rendering each QC question type easy; worksheet practice; and more!
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Verbal GRE Lessons On Demand

GRE Sentence Equivalence Course GRE SENTENCE EQUIVALENCE
Introduction to GRE sentence equivalence, the mindset for these important question types, and a step-by-step methodology for attacking them; a review of the 400 most commonly-tested GRE vocabulary words; strategies for getting right answers even when you don’t know what words mean in the sentence stem or answer choices; worksheet practice; and more!
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GRE Text Completion video course GRE TEXT COMPLETION
A perfect complement to our GRE Sentence Equivalence course, this course tackles Text Completion questions, the second major question type tested on the GRE verbal section. It dives deep into the vocabulary that’s tested, the methodology for answering them, and strategies for getting right answers even if you’re stumped by certain words. Includes a practice worksheet w/video answer explanations.
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GRE Analytical Writing (Essays)

Learn the GRE essays Issue Essay and Argument Essay GRE ANALYTICAL WRITING
Learn everything you need to write effective “Analysis of an Issue” and “Analysis of an Argument” essays on the GRE Analytical Writing section. This course will teach you how to analyze a logical argument, craft compelling supporting examples, brainstorm and organize your essays, and deliver exactly what the readers are looking for. Includes a quiz and 100+ sample tasks.
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