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I’ve been thinking a lot about the day that I would be able to write this email and tell you… I passed! I used your course to prep for the GRE to get into a MSW program with the Army. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your energy, teaching style, friendliness, and depth of knowledge. Not only do you offer different ways to approach the material that is tested, you mix in life philosophy, health tips, and communication with your students. I also found and enjoyed your podcast! I listened to many episodes on my commute to work, and this gave me another way to keep focused on my goals. I’m excited to serve soldiers as a social worker and keep learning and growing in this creative and healing work. Thank you so much for helping me to accomplish my goals!

- Cody Mills, USA

Brett is an amazing instructor. His videos and strategies are extremely helpful. My biggest concern was timing, but with the strategies from Brett I felt much more equipped to Dominate the GRE!

- Grace Muenz, San Diego, CA

Knowing that I’d be applying to grad school in a couple months, I was terrified when I did poorly on my first GRE practice test. I scored a 144 on quant and 148 on verbal. I’ve never been strong at math, so I knew I needed help. 3 weeks into Brett’s Full GRE Prep Course, and I’ve raised my scores by 8 and 9 points respectively! Brett’s teaching styles are thorough, incredible, and I’m so glad I found this course!

- Kiana Bowen, USA

I cannot attribute enough positive words to this course, but one stands out… Empowering! It has been over 30 years since I was in college and this was my first Graduate Exam. After initially reviewing GRE math questions online and missing 100% of them, I quickly realized I needed a prep course. Thankfully, I stumbled across Dominate the GRE. The instruction was nothing short of outstanding. The practice questions were extremely helpful. The course was set up perfectly. All my online questions were quickly addressed. I was even able to reach Brett on the phone. The course leaves no stone unturned. Brett’s investment in his students made this an amazing experience. Indeed, it was actually fun (can’t believe I’m saying this) to learn the material. I went into the exam feeling extremely confident. While I can not measure a non-event, without Dominate the GRE, there is no way I could have pulled off a score worthy of a top business school…but I did. My sincere thanks to Brett and Dominate the GRE.

- Greg Merk, USA
I retook my GRE yesterday, and because of your prep course, I was able to increase my GRE math score by NINE points!! That may not be a landslide, but combined with my strong vocabulary skills, my final GRE score was 316!! Thank you so much for the awesome course! The skills and techniques you taught were not taught anywhere else, and I am convinced I would not have been as successful without you. You have a fantastic teaching style, and I enjoyed your course immensely! I wish I had found your course before I took the GRE the first time!!! It definitely would have saved me from taking it again…. So thank you!!!  I’ll recommend your course to everyone I know doing test prep!
- Melissa Murray, USA
I wanted to give you the good news and say “Thanks!” because I was just accepted to my first choice Master’s Degree program! I started using your course for the math portion of the GRE only 4 weeks before my exam date. I’m thrilled to say I raised my score from the 34th percentile to the 65th percentile. Not bad for someone who hadn’t taken a math class for over 10 years! I’m so glad I found your program because I had some serious anxiety about this test for over a year. Thanks again for putting the time and effort into helping people like me dominate the GRE and move on with life.
- Matt Maxfield, Tacoma, WA
As someone who has always had a strong background in math, I was shocked when I struggled so much with the math part of the GRE. When I took the GRE for the first time, I was a nervous wreck and didn’t feel confident with the math section at all, and it showed – I got a score of 145 (20th percentile). I mistakenly thought that all I needed was more time to study on my own, so I bought some GRE prep books and gave it my best shot. It didn’t work. After taking the GRE for the second time, I ended up canceling my scores and knew that I needed to change my study habits. After some research, I found Dominate the GRE and feel like I had finally struck gold!! I also had hope again. I learned so much content and so many strategies in such a short amount of time (3 weeks). What made it even better was that your course wasn’t that expensive compared to other competitors. I took the GRE yesterday and am happy to say that my Quant score went up 9 points to 154 (54th percentile)! All I can say is, “Wow!” Thank you so much for your awesome GRE Quantitative course and for your willingness to share your knowledge with other people!! You have a selfless attitude which not many other GRE companies can say since they’re out for people’s money and not for their success. I’ve been telling my friends about your course since it’s very flexible with busy schedules and more importantly, it works! Thanks again for everything, and God bless!!
- Rachel Bross, Bernville, PA

I took the GRE this morning and got scores that will make me competitive for the anesthesiology schools I’m applying to, all thanks for your course. There are a lot of options for test prep out there, but your program suited me well. As a 36-year-old test taker, coming back to this stuff after so many years was challenging, especially the algebra. After trying (and failing) to study on my own from books, your course was exactly what I needed. Your detailed syllabus was clutch, along with the vocab review. Your videos were great. They were thorough, with clear explanations. Your quantitative comparisons techniques are also very valuable. The course was money well spent and I would recommend it to others. It is clear you have a passion for this — thanks!

- Eric Sjoden, Sweden
Thank you wholeheartedly for the amazing work you’re doing out there in helping students like myself excel at the GRE. Thankfully, I got a high score in the quant section after using your material for only 5 days of intensive preparation!! I also received a high score in the essay section, so I am more than happy about my score 🙂 I couldn’t have made this jump without your support even though it was for a short time! I was able to get admitted to the PhD program of sustainable environment (which is an engineering program) and I will start school soon. I wish you all the best and thanks again!
- Mariem Fekih Zguir, Qatar

I had been so anxious to take the GRE (especially the quantitative section) and was overwhelmed with where to start my studying process. Fortunately I found Brett’s course, and I was relieved to know that I didn’t have to learn and relearn difficult concepts on my own. Thanks to this course I was able to receive GRE scores above and beyond what I needed to be accepted into the graduate school of my dreams and couldn’t be happier! I can’t thank you enough for developing this course, Brett, and for the peace of mind and confidence that it provided me with! For anyone wondering which prep course to use, I would tell them that Dominate the GRE is truly the gold standard. The structure and progression of the course is so organized and provides crystal clear explanations of both foundational concepts and strategies. The course is all-inclusive with all tools needed to succeed. I found the practice worksheets and video explanations for each answer especially helpful and unique to this course. For being online, the course is very personable and interactive. The cost is so reasonable is some of the best money I’ve spent. Thanks again for helping me dominate the GRE!

- Cassandra Park, Colorado Springs, CO

I have always considered myself to be a ‘poor test taker’. Until I found Dominate Test Prep, I just knew this mentality would haunt me during arguably the most important test I would ever take! Not only did Brett’s GRE course help me gain a newfound sense of test-taking confidence, it equipped me with the strategies and skills I needed, as Brett proudly claims, to dominate the GRE. Thanks to his provided study materials and video walkthroughs, it was as though I had a personal GRE coach walking me through the entire preparation process. And boy was it worth it! I was able to achieve the GRE score I needed to get into graduate school, and chose from an abundance of schools—rather than a deficit.

- Jared Saucedo, Wichita Falls, TX

I just took the GRE and was seriously blown away by my scores!! I have always struggled with math, and the Quantitative Reasoning sections definitely scared me more than the Verbal Reasoning ones (even though English is not my first language). The first time I took the GRE I prepared on my own and I got a 161 in Verbal and 157 in Quantitative. 157 was okay I guess, but I wanted to do better so I enrolled in your GRE Quantitative Course. This time, I got a 161 in Verbal and 166 in Quantitative!!! I just couldn’t believe it! And the fact that my Verbal score stayed the same proves that your course made all the difference. Thank you so much again, I will definitely recommend your courses to everyone I know who wants to take the GRE or GMAT.

- Sara Picci, Italy

After using a different online study course and subsequently bombing the quant section on my initial attempt at the GRE, I was frustrated and full of self-doubt. I signed up for Brett’s course with just six weeks before my second scheduled GRE attempt. I’m happy to report I saw an 8-point increase in my quant score and a 2-point increase in my verbal score. Brett’s teaching style is clear, concise, and resonates with people without a math background or those with severe math-related rust. Video content and worksheets all have one driving goal – to help you score well on the GRE. The test-taking strategies proved invaluable come test day when stress levels are high. The combination of teaching content and test strategies is what set Dominate The GRE apart from other competitors in the test-prep space. The course is lean and offers no wasteful content, which was important to me, as I had limited time and work a full-time job. My scores ended up being in the 70th, 90th, and 93rd percentiles for quant/verbal/AWA respectively and have given me a realistic shot at being admitted to some top 20 PhD programs in my field. I couldn’t have done it without Brett and Dominate the GRE. Do yourself a favor and invest in your future by registering for a Dominate the GRE course now!

- Bryan Rufener, Durham, NC

With only 5 days to my GRE test date, I came across Dominate the GRE. I really wanted to boost my Quantitative score, so I purchased the Quantitative Silver package. Working nonstop until my exam, I was able to boost my score from a 152 to a 160 using Brett’s videos and worksheets! I am very happy with the result! Brett personally emailed with me during that time, helping me along the way. I am so glad I stumbled upon Dominate the GRE and would recommend it to anyone looking to boost their score!

- Brooke Mason, Toledo, OH

Brett has a unique teaching style that especially appeals to students like me (age over 50). He is very thorough and covers virtually all possible angles of a given topic. I would very highly recommend his approach to GRE prep to anyone who may be so unsure and does not quite know how to effectively plan his/her GRE prep approach. Moreover, his price for the full GRE course is so highly competitive relative his leading competitors. Thank you, Brett, for helping me dominate the GRE!

- Chandrakant Giri, Rockville, MD

With studying just your GRE Quantitative Course, in 3 short weeks I raised my GRE quant from a 135 (blah) to a 148! This puts me in the lower range of my target nursing school and allows me to apply with much greater chances!!! And if I would have had more time I know I could have done even better! Thanks for your amazing course. I’ll let you know how it goes and thanks again for everything!!

- Tymbra Pearce, Nashville, TN

Dominate the GRE was a truly helpful program. I had previously tried to study for this test on my own and kept hitting road blocks. The combination of Brett’s non-traditional teaching methods, coupled with thorough reviews of basic math techniques, really allowed me to excel and acquire the score I wanted. I highly recommend this program to others who need the direct teaching and find it difficult to stay on track independently. This course is also very affordable compared to others and well worth the investment.

- Haley, Montgomery, AL

Your course is amazing! I was so intimidated to study for the GRE and you made it so approachable! I could barely get a single question right before I started with Dominate the GRE, but your course gave me the “tool belt” that I needed to succeed. I totally rocked the GRE (for what mattered for me!) and got scores at the upper end of the range for the nurse anesthesia school I’m applying to! It is singularly one of the best feelings I’ve had to do so well on this exam. All I did was follow your program for a little over a month and I could have never been so successful in such a short amount of time without your help — and your graciousness for taking time out of your Sunday to send me the codes for your exams. Ever since my daughter was born and I had a nurse anesthetist, I’ve had the dream of becoming a CRNA. The GRE was the last thing holding up my application. Thanks so much for helping me with my dreams!  🙂

- Kirsten Ross, Ft. Myers, FL

After taking the GRE twice with GRE Quants not improving, I saw Brett’s program and decided it was time for a new approach. I have a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering so I really didn’t think it’s a math issue. It turns out I was lacking strategy (and some math too). The strategies that Brett provided in the video classes are not only helpful but they are critical under time constraints and pressure. I also found the personal email support to be very useful. Brett would not just solve the problems and show the process, but also dissect the problem and show how his strategies would apply. This was crucial. In the end I finally boosted my Quant score 5 points from 159 to 164. That is sufficient for the target schools in my case and it all worked out in the end. Thank you Brett!

- Henry Y., Taiwan

After a disappointing first attempt at the GRE (despite taking a different GRE prep course), I signed up for the GRE again, but this time with only 2 weeks to spare. The GRE remained the only obstacle in my way to applying for Business PhD programs, and I needed something to help me in a short amount of time. Low and behold I stumbled across Dominate the GRE on YouTube. This program was such a breath of fresh air. It did what the other prep course failed to do, which was provide strategy. I knew math, geometry and algebra back and forth, but I needed strategies for getting right answers. With this course I was able to increase my GRE math score in just two weeks all while managing a full time work schedule. Thank you!

- Marshaé Scott, St. Petersburg, FL

I was really dreading retaking my GRE exam since I bombed the first test last year. I struggled to grasp the concepts and had no structure or strategies on how to approach my studying. Fortunately I found Brett’s fantastic course! I really liked his simple explanations to what seemed like complex problems to me. When I started watching his videos and doing the homework assignments it made so much sense and I felt excited to finally understand what I was studying. I saw some hope finally. I also liked how easily accessible Brett was and how quick he was to respond to all my questions — and I had plenty! Brett is very patient and encouraging on top of having a heart of a teacher which I really appreciated. I am beyond thrilled to have gotten into my first choice of a top 20 business school starting this fall, thanks to my improved GRE score from this course. I absolutely would recommend his program to anyone who is completely lost and overwhelmed as well as to a more confident person who just needs to improve her score. Thank you so much Brett, you rock!

- Mwelwa Changwe, Laurel, MD

I have to be honest, I have never been a fan of online courses. I always thought that you did not really learn what you needed so at the end you would just waste your time and your money. But then I found Brett’s Dominate the GRE course. I started by watching the free class and I got hooked. When I first sat for the GRE last year, I did not do so well. I had practiced a bit with some books and done some exercises, but I had never really gone into the strategy for this kind of timed test. I decided I needed to make a change. I started Brett’s programme and followed every step of the syllabus, learning new ways to tackle math problems and strategies, and also what to focus on for the reading comprehension section. One of the best things is that Brett does not just teach you the book formula so you can memorize it, but instead he shows you a new approach so you can really understand it and apply it on test day. I’m thrilled to report that I just took the GRE again and I improved my score in Math, Verbal and the analytical writing part! I was so pleased with myself. I’m applying for a PhD programme in infectious diseases, and I know my strong GRE score will help me get in. I definitely recommend Brett´s course as it gives you the best tool belt for test day.

- Pablo Jimenez, Bogotá, Colombia

As an international test taker, at the beginning I thought of the GRE as an impossible mission. However, thanks to the simple but essential strategies and examples provided by Brett during the video tutorials, in less than two months I was able to review and master even the hardest topics, and most of all, I gained enough confidence for successfully facing the test. I absolutely recommend Brett’s Dominate the GRE course!

- Natalia Ocampo Diaz, Bogotá, Colombia

It was a great experience taking Brett’s GRE course. Coming in with no GRE experience, in a period of only a few weeks this GRE course gave me the tools to be able to be confident with the test and get the score I needed. Brett was always willing to go the extra mile to help me master relevant concepts, which I appreciated. I would highly recommend Dominate the GRE to anyone looking for a significant improvement in his or her score.

- Howard Smith, Washington, D.C.

I highly recommend the instructional videos in Brett’s Dominate the GRE course. Being able to take the classes at my own pace allowed me to work full time while preparing the classes at night. Additionally, Brett does an amazing job of explaining complex topics through contextual examples that can be easily understood and applied throughout the test. I’m looking forward to starting my Masters at Harvard’s Kennedy School this Fall — thank you Dominate the GRE!

- William Taylor, Boston, MA