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I love math graphic for GRE quant courseDo you have a few “math cobwebs” left over from high school that you need to dust off to get the GRE score you need? If you’re like most of our students, the answer is a resounding yes! Good news: We’ve got the proverbial broom! This comprehensive GRE math course online covers all of the most relevant content and test-taking strategies for the quantitative section of the GRE. You will learn the necessary math as well as tricks and shortcuts for solving arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis problems — in short, everything you’ll need to dominate the GRE math sections on test day.

“Brett does an amazing job of explaining complex topics through contextual examples that can be easily understood and applied throughout the test. As someone who was rusty at math coming in to the GRE, I sure am glad I found Dominate the GRE!William Taylor, Boston, MA

86 video lessons targeting the GRE Quantitative section (22 hours) including content, strategies, and test-taking tactics for discrete problem solving, quantitative comparisons, and data interpretation questions
Topic-specific practice worksheets providing supplemental practice on the most commonly-tested GRE math question types (with detailed video answer explanations for each question), giving you an opportunity to immediately implement what you’re learning in the videos
Detailed course syllabus¹ walking you step-by-step through the ideal game plan for dominating the quantitative section of the GRE
BONUS: 6 video lessons targeting the GRE Essays (1.5 hours) including a thorough review of how to analyze an argument and find assumptions for the Argument Essay and how to write an effective Issue Essay in 30 minutes
BONUS video content teaching you how to manage your test anxiety and win the “inner game” of the GRE as well as logistical lessons on GRE format, scoring, and using the on-screen calculator
Backed by our industry-leading score improvement guarantee²
E-mail support as needed with your 98th-percentile instructor
Phone support as needed with your 98th-percentile instructor
Textbook – The Official Guide to the GRE, 3rd Ed.*
Full-length GRE practice tests** 2 5 7
Weekly live online “office hours” session (1 hour) with your 98th-percentile instructor to get your questions personally answered***
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For more information regarding our GRE online math preparation course or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call Brett directly at +1 720-515-5808.

1 Our GRE Quantitative Course is designed around a 5-week study plan. Because all of your course content is available on demand, you can move through the material more quickly or more slowly depending on your target GRE test date. Your membership will remain active for as long as you’re still studying for the GRE at no extra charge.

2 Our guarantee is that we will work with you at no extra charge for as long as it takes to get the GRE score you’re looking for. Period.

* Hard copy if in the U.S. (contact us if you’d prefer the electronic version), electronic (Kindle) version if outside the U.S. Book will arrive in 2-3 business days for U.S. students; Kindle book will be e-mailed within 24 hours for international students.

** Two of the practice tests included with each package level are the GRE POWERPREP Online exams provided by ETS; two of the other practice tests for the Gold and Platinum packages are the paper tests in the Official Guide to the GRE textbook.

*** The live online sessions currently take place on Wednesday evenings from 9:00-10:00pm Eastern Time U.S.  They are small group sessions capped at 8 students, though often there are as few as 1-2 students on any given week so you will get a lot of personalized attention. The sessions utilize our state-of-the-art interactive online classroom platform. If you are not able to attend these sessions live, you can submit your questions in advance via e-mail and your instructor will answer the questions and e-mail you a link to the recording afterwards.