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Did you have trouble comprehending War and Peace? Are you befuddled by three-syllable words and assume complacent and complaisant mean the same thing? Does the idea of dissecting a logical argument make you break out in a cold sweat? Fear not! This comprehensive GRE verbal course will walk you step-by-step through all of the most relevant content, vocabulary, and test-taking strategies for the verbal section of GRE. There’s no doubt that the GRE verbal section is vocabulary-intensive. But guess what? You can still get right answers even if you don’t know all the words, and we’ll teach you how (don’t worry, we’ll teach you the relevant vocab, too!). We’ll also teach you the best way to read quickly for comprehension and how to spot the most common wrong answers on GRE reading comprehension passages as well. The GRE is a beatable test, and this course takes the guesswork out of preparing for it. No excuses, just results.

“English isn’t my first language, so thank goodness I found Brett’s course. He teaches great strategies for helping read better and faster and also getting the sentence completions right when sometimes I didn’t even know the words!Carolina Pachon, Bogota, Colombia

The “GRE Verbal Course – Silver Package” provides an extensive suite of GRE video tutorials that has helped hundreds of students from around the world dramatically improve their GRE verbal scores, and it can do the same for you. It’s perfect for the student who may already have The Official Guide to the GRE or other GRE textbooks and who doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding, but who wants all of the verbal concepts tested on the GRE broken down in a systematic, professional, and effective way. That’s exactly what the instructional videos in this course do — giving you an edge against your peers and putting you in a better position to dominate the GRE!

GRE video lessons for GRE verbal

Specifically, here’s what’s included with your course and what makes Dominate the GRE unique in the industry:

  • 29 video lessons (7.5 hours) targeting the GRE Verbal section including content, strategies, and test-taking tactics for sentence equivalence, text completion, and reading comprehension questions;
  • Detailed course syllabus walking you step-by-step through the ideal game plan for dominating the verbal section of the GRE;
  • The best GRE textbook from ETS the makers of the GRETwo (2) full-length GRE practice tests*;
  • Vocabulary list of the 400 most commonly-tested words on the GRE (now available in app-based format!);
  • Recommended reading list;
  • Backed by our industry-leading score improvement guarantee;
  • E-mail support as needed with your 98th-percentile instructor;
  • BONUS: 6 video lessons (1.5 hours) targeting the GRE Essays including a thorough review of how to analyze an argument and find assumptions for the Argument Essay and how to write an effective Issue Essay in 30 minutes;
  • BONUS video content teaching you how to manage your test anxiety and win the “inner game” of the GRE as well as logistical lessons on GRE format, scoring, and using the on-screen calculator.

* The two practice tests included with this package level are the GRE POWERPREP Online exams provided by ETS.

Note: If you’d like additional resources to augment your GRE prep including the Official Guide textbook, additional practice tests, and phone support with your instructor, consider going with our Gold Package for the extra value!

GRE video lessons for GRE verbal

Cost and Details

  1. Cost: $97 — Over 60% less than other online GRE verbal courses in the industry!
  2. Immediate access to all video and online content upon receipt of payment.
  3. Video lessons are streaming and easily accessible anywhere you have access to the Internet — view on your Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. Our Full GRE Verbal Course is designed around a 4-week study plan. Because all of your course content is available on demand, you can move through the material more quickly or more slowly depending on your target GRE test date. Your membership will remain active for as long as you’re still studying for the GRE at no extra charge.

For more information regarding this online GRE prep course or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call Brett directly at +1 720-515-5808.