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Podcast Interview with Accepted.com

Have a GRE or GMAT coming up? Learn what it takes to truly succeed on those tests.

I was honored to be the featured guest on Accepted.com‘s July 2015 podcast. Click HERE to listen to my interview with Linda Abraham, CEO and Founder of Accepted, for invaluable GRE tips and test prep insights — and a healthy dose of sports analogies as well!

Linda Abraham interviews Brett Ethridge of Dominate the GRE

Specifically, here’s some of what you will learn:

00:02:45 – How I (Brett Ethridge) got involved in test prep. (The honest answer.)

00:05:51 – The online education style at Dominate the GMAT and Dominate the GRE.

00:08:23 – What happens when a student is just not picking up the info.

00:10:27 – Looking for test prep? Dominate the GMAT and Dominate the GRE’s unique value.

00:14:44 – Comparing the GRE and GMAT.

00:17:20 – GMAT vs. GRE: Which test to pick!

00:28:21 – Brett’s top test prep advice. Prepare to un-teach.

00:33:44 – A surprising tip for raising your GMAT score.

00:39:13 – How much time to do you need to study to increase your score by 50 points?

00:43:18 – “Get dressed up” and other final words of advice.