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GRE Geometry – Area of Shaded Regions

Finding the Area of a Shaded Region on the GRE A common GRE problem solving question asks the test-taker to find the area of a shaded region. For example, in the figure to the right, how would you find the area of the shaded region? Unlike finding the area of a traditional geometric shape (e.g. […]

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MBA Admissions Essay Tips (School-Specific!)

From the Aringo Admission Consulting research team. Berkeley MBA Essay Tips Important to demonstrate innovative and creative leadership. Does not necessarily have to be something ground-breaking, can be “something as simple as a new process for doing something or a new way to think about clients or an untapped market”. Preferable to show it in […]

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How to Make B-Schools Love You (Because Your Competition is Pretty Lovable)

Join Linda Abraham of Accepted.com for an insightful look into the heart and soul of the MBA admissions process during Accepted’s live webinar, 5 Ways to Make B-Schools Love You, on Wednesday, September 9th. In the free webinar, you will learn how to win the hearts of the adcom by: Showing that you belong in […]

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