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gre vs gmatWhen applying to graduate school, the standardized test score you submit plays a big role in the application process and can not only make or break your chances of being admitted, but a strong score can possibly lead to scholarships, awards, and other perks as well. But the question is, which entrance exam should you take — the GRE or the GMAT?

Choosing Between the GRE vs GMAT

If you’re applying for a Masters Degree or PhD in anything other than business, the answer is pretty straightforward: You’ll almost certainly need to submit a GRE score as part of your application.

But what if you want to go to business school? As you may know, most business schools now accept either the GMAT or GRE as part of the application process. So which is right for you? The following video breaks it down in detail and reveals several key differences that will enable you to determine which test you likely have a better chance of dominating given your relative strengths and weaknesses:

Specifically, in this video I discuss:

[0:47] How to reach out to Brett Ethridge personally to talk through your unique situation and make the most informed decision possible;

[1:26] The usefulness of each test in terms of what types of graduate programs you can apply to using the GRE vs GMAT;

[3:13] The cost of the GMAT and GRE;

[3:50] The length of each test including a short discussion about the experimental section you’ll encounter on the GRE;

[4:49] General overview of what’s tested on both tests;

[5:40] Specific look at what the GRE and GMAT have in common, including essays, quantitative, and verbal question types that are tested on both exams;

[7:23] Detailed look at the unique content areas tested on the GRE vs GMAT and specifically how those differences might play into your relative strengths and weaknesses as a test taker;

[9:03] A breakdown of the crucial Quantitative Comparison and Data Sufficiency question types test on the quantitative section of the GRE and GMAT, respectively, including a look at sample questions of each;

[15:07] Differences on the verbal section of the GRE as compared to the GMAT;

[18:26] Three miscellaneous considerations for you to think about when deciding which exam to take.

Take a Free Practice Test

Still unsure of which exam to take? It’s not a bad idea to take a free practice test of both the GRE and GMAT to see which one you feel more comfortable with and how you currently score on each relative to your peers.

  1. Download the free GMATPrep software HERE.
  2. Download the free GRE PowerPrep II software HERE.

Additional full-length GMAT practice tests and GRE practice tests are available HERE and HERE, respectively.

A Word of Advice: If you do take a GRE and GMAT practice test to see where you stand, don’t use your relative scores themselves as the determining factor as to which test to ultimately take. Almost nobody does really well on their first practice test no matter how smart they are. You’ll need to put in the time and effort to adequately study for whichever test you decide on, and just because you may get a low first practice test score doesn’t mean you won’t be able to substantially boost your score in the coming weeks and months. To do that, you should consider taking a comprehensive GMAT prep course or GRE prep course to guide you step-by-step through exactly how to beat the test and get the score you need to get into the graduate program of your choice.

But for now, I hope you’ve found this analysis helpful. Still have questions? Post them in the “comments” area below and I’ll help you figure out exactly which test is right for you!