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You have more time per question than you think…

how to get time to slow down on the GREThey say that time doesn’t always move at the same speed.

It doesn’t take a deep understanding of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to get that.

Who could argue, for example, that time didn’t move much slower on the last day of school than it did on the last day before school started up again?!

And it’s certainly the case on the GRE as well.

Think about it.

I often have students tell me that they’re easily able to answer certain questions in under two minutes when they’re doing routine practice sessions on their own, but for some reason when they take a practice test and they see the click ticking down and there’s extra pressure on the outcome, all of a sudden they start to panic and feel like they’re running out of time and make careless errors because they’re working too fast and all of a sudden an otherwise easy question becomes difficult and takes them forever to do.

Sound familiar?

Well I have a cool exercise that I think help get time to slow down for you on the GRE. Check this out:

There’s no doubt that the actual GRE is more stressful than a routine study session or practice test. Yet, you still need to be as calm as possible on test day so that you can think clearly and perform your best. Gaining a proper perspective on just how much time you truly have per question on the GRE is a step in that direction.

I hope you’ve found this video helpful!

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