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ETS, the company that administers the GRE General Test, finally took its two free GRE practice tests online. No more having to download that annoying software that wasn’t compatible with some operating systems.

However, as convenient and useful as the new version of the practice tests are, ETS didn’t make it all that intuitive to find them on their website. In fact, plenty of my college-educated students e-mail me asking how to access those two exams — which I assign as part of their homework in my GRE prep course — and that’s after having sent them a direct link to the page on the ETS website where the exams are housed! Yep, it’s that confusing.

So let’s clear up the confusion once and for all. Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting the free GRE practice tests off the ETS website. Now you can spend less time trying to figure it out and more time actually studying for the GRE.

Step 1: Create a free account at https://www.ets.org/gre/

You used to be able to download the GRE practice test software straight off the website whether you had an ETS account or not. Not any more. But that’s okay because you’ll need an ETS account to register for the actual GRE anyway, so you might as well set it up now. It’s free, so there’s no reason not to. Here’s a video walking you through exactly how to create an ETS account.

Step 2: Sign in to your ETS account

Here’s a direct link you can save to your browser’s bookmarks to quickly get to the ETS sign-in page: https://ereg.ets.org/ereg/public/signin. This is what the login page looks like:

Step 3: Click “Shop for Test Preparation”

After logging in you’ll land on your main “My GRE Home” page. This is where you can register for the GRE, view upcoming testing appointments, view and send score reports, and get/take your practice tests. This last item is what we’re interested in here. Technically what you’re going to do is add the practice tests to your account, and you do that by clicking on the “Shop for Test Preparation” link (see image below). It’s a little confusing because you’d think you should click the “Free Test Preparation” link, but trust me, this is where you want to go.

Step 4: Add the first two products to your cart

This shopping cart page contains a number of GRE test preparation products that you can choose to purchase if you’re interested. But it’s the first two products that you definitely want to add. Notice that the price is listed as $0. These are the two free GRE PowerPrep Online exams we’re interested in.

Scroll to the bottom and click the blue “Next” button.

Note: ETS offers a couple additional full-length practice tests for a cost. They call those their PowerPrep PLUS Online practice tests. They’re definitely worth purchasing/taking if you’re looking for more than two practice tests. We (Dominate the GRE) also have up to six (6) full-length GRE practice tests available for purchase at a discount HERE.

Step 5: Review your shopping cart and click “Submit”

This part is pretty self-explanatory. Confirm that your shopping cart looks correct and that the price is $0 (assuming you’re only adding the two free exams) and click “Submit.”

Step 6: Click “My Test Preparation and Services” link on the order confirmation page

It looks like this:

If you’re not ready to take your first practice test quite yet, you can just click the “Go to My Home Page” button instead and come back to them later, as they’re available to you for 90 days after being added to your account.

Step 7: Click “Go To Practice Test” in the Action column next to PowerPrep Online Practice Test #1

Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to the promise land! And it only took you six steps to get here. Now that you’re here, you might as well launch one of the practice tests and see how prepared you are to tackle the real thing. Click the “Go To Practice Test” link next to the exam you want to take. It looks like this:

That’s it. Your GRE practice test will launch automatically in a new window. Good luck!

Coming Back for Practice Test #2

One quick final thing. After taking your first practice test, it may be several days (or weeks) before you’re ready to take PowerPrep Online Practice Test #2. Fortunately you don’t have to go through all of these steps the next time around. Instead you can go straight to the practice test launch page (Step 6 above) by logging into your ETS account and clicking “My Test Preparation and Services” from your main “My GRE Home” page.

where to find the free GRE practice tests on ETS website

There you’ll see that second free GRE practice test and any other ETS products you may have subsequently purchased or added to your account.

I hope you’ve found this step-by-step guide helpful and that it’s cleared up any confusion you may have had about how to navigate the ETS website and get your free GRE practice tests. If you take these practice exams and your estimated score isn’t where you need it, I hope you’ll consider taking our comprehensive online GRE prep course. We can definitely help you boost your score and get into the graduate program you’re shooting for.

In the meantime, best of luck to you and don’t hesitate to post any questions you have below. We’re here to help!