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ETS, the company that administers the GRE General Test, recently put out a 3-page report titled “Four Facts About the GRE General Test” that explores how the exam serves as a predictor of graduate school success and why it should be part of a holistic admissions process for schools.

Specifically, the report looks at:

  • how the GRE General Test successfully measures an applicant’s readiness
  • using GRE General Test scores to support holistic admissions processes
  • how the GRE General Test can be used to help your program achieve its diversity goals
  • the objective lens the GRE General Test provides to create equal opportunity for everyone

If you’re an institution looking to understand how to better recruit, evaluate, and support candidates from more diverse social and educational backgrounds, this document may be of interest to you.

If you’re a student looking to understand why schools bother to make you take the GRE as part of your application process and whether it really does have bearing on your eventual success, you may find this report interesting as well.

I’m passing it along for your consideration. You can download it and explore the four facts HERE:

Learn four key facts about why the GRE General Test is a good predictor of graduate school success