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Hillary Schubach admissions q&a event

Okay, so you’ve got this whole GRE thing under control (not surprising since you’re taking the best online GRE prep course in the industry!).

But what about the rest of your application?

As you know, business and graduate school admissions offices take a holistic approach when evaluating your application. In addition to looking at your GRE score, they’ll also be interested in your undergraduate record, your work experience, your letters of recommendation, your essays, how well you interview (if you get that far in the process), and more.

So how can you separate yourself from your peers and stand out during the admissions process?

Join us on Wednesday, March 20th at 1:00pm EST (10am Pacific) to find out.

We’ll be hosting a free live webcast event with Hillary Schubach of Shine MBA Admissions Consulting who will cover:

  • What the top business schools are looking for
  • When/if to take the GRE again
  • Securing the strongest recommendations
  • Tips for writing the best essays and résumé
  • Standing out from the increasingly competitive applicant pool
  • Common application mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Handling employment gaps, career switches, and other potential “red flags”
  • Nailing your interviews
  • PLUS… Q&A opportunity to get your questions personally answered 

There has been a ton of interest in what Hillary has to share and spaces are filling up fast, so be sure to lock in your spot by registering right away.

See you on Wednesday!